The psychobabbling food-loving seamstress.

Dismantling the pedestal…

Posted in crush, general musings by Ambs on April 29, 2009

So sometimes it’s easier to put someone up on it, it means you have something to aspire to be like, or to be with. If you leave them up there for long enough, bringing them down, gets harder and harder, but I’ll do it.
I will speak, blush, stammer, and giggle my way through the conversation, but by the end we’ll be on equal footing in my head, or I’ll at least be able to see what kind of contribution they could make to my life, even if it is a fleeting one.

I said I wasn’t going to do this again didn’t I?
I walked into this stupid thing a month ago,  saying I was going to be good, and smart, and not fall. I took the stupid break for a reason, so I could come back and not be a blabbering fangirl.

On the bright side, lesson hopefully learnt this time. Cross your fingers for me kids!


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