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Self-Awareness Vs. Ego.

Posted in general musings, psychology, writing by Ambs on May 4, 2009

In my book, I hope that Self-awareness wins out.  Well I’d hope that for everyone.

I’ve been thinking about the people I’ve come across, and thought that they had MASSIVE EGO’s. When maybe its more of a self-awareness thing.  Which completely changes my view of some people.   In a positive way.
Although, I still think others feed off their own Ego, and some peoples lack-there-of self-awareness or Ego.  I sit back and wonder how, at your age, you could be so utterly unaware of your egotism?

I salute those with a healthy amount of self-awareness and ego.  As I think that ego does play a healthy role in all of our lives, as long as it is balanced.  Self-Awareness and Ego are easily confused.  Ego is the physical form of who you are, what people see, putting your best foot forward so to speak.  Self-Awareness however feeds ones ego, and in some cases an inflated ego comes from a distorted form of self-awareness.
Sometimes we’re all guilty of letting our ego’s runaway into la la land.  I don’t understand elongated periods of egocentricity though.  There’s a difference to knowing what you’re talking about, being able to talk about it with passion and confidence, and being unaware of your egocentricity.  Those who allow their opinions to be, the be all and end all on a subject, points to some kind of distortion.  As an opinion is just that, an opinion.  It does not void anyone’s thoughts, feelings or the way that you should treat them.


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