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Welcome to Suburbia…

Posted in general musings, love, music, writing by Ambs on May 5, 2009

The signs out the front emblazoned with bright fluro yellow lettering, begging us to relive the glory days in suburbia.  “Kevin ‘Bloody’ Wilson, 17th May. 18+ only!”, “Psuedo Echo and Wa Wa Knee, 15th May, 18+ only”.  My mind boggles, what in the hell am I doing here?
I grew up in the outer northern leafy suburbs, not this main-roaded continuum of non-existence.  Where I lived, the cherry blossoms bloomed every spring, I rode my bike to the park, or the vacant lot down the street, in which we would set-up jumps and obstacles, and didn’t care if we hurt ourselves.  We loved bad music, and were not afraid to say it, A.K.A. Reasons I know all the lyrics, to Rick Astley, Bros, Belinda Carlisle, and Girlfriend(oh, and all the words to “We are the World”, USAforAFRICA!).  I remember when Michael Jordan’s Air Pumps were the ultimate accessory for anyone to have.  I remember the last time it was cool to wear leotards to places other than your gym, or dance class.  I remember going to see “Big” at Northland Shopping Centre cinemas, and thinking that Tom Hanks was the most outrageously hilarious person ever!  Or the first time I saw The Karate Kid, Ralph Macchio was SO dreaammmyyy!  Also remember friday nights in front of the TV with fish ‘n’ chips, 21 Jump Street and a video to watch.

Anyways enough with reminiscing….

After living no further than 1 – 2 kms from the city/Fitzroy for the better part of the last 1 1/2 years, being back in The Burbs is safe-to-say, an interesting experience.  I’m starting to feel the inklings of depression, but I refuse to give up, or go there again.
I’m used to the walk up Johnston street, where the only signs I notice are the ones on either side of the Tote, reminding me yet again that I missed Digger.  Or the new mural on the side of the Night Cat, which is slowly coming together, it makes me smile.  As does the new mural on the inside right hand wall of the ex-wick, its bright and colourful.  Has that kinda dirty Brunswick Street, non-yuppie, dirty-hippie, burning-the-patchouli-incense kinda feel I love.


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