The psychobabbling food-loving seamstress.


Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on May 18, 2009

At times the loss consumes her.  She ponders hours upon hours, why she put so much in, to have it thrown back in her face.  The worst of it is over, she’s not sure how well she hid her tears.  Not very well she suspects.

While we’re all fighting inner-turmoil and demons, how often to we open our eye’s and even try to contemplate that the person next to us is fighting their own?  We could never fully understand what that person is going through, could never fully comprehend.  From person to person one experience is percieved in such different ways.  We often mis-percieve difference as wrong and right, it’s either black or white(of opinions), Rose or Green(when it comess to love and relationships), or Blue or red(when emotionally involved).  When will we learn to see the grey area’s the encompass the middle of these spectrums?


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