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I was a childhood Royal Melbourne Show afficiendo…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on September 23, 2009

It’s true, I was, to the point that my friend Kate still asks me every year about August-ish, so are you going to the show this year?  I stopped going when I was about 21/22, which means its been about 5 years since I graced my presence at the Royal Show Grounds.

So much was my obsession that my brother and I used to keep what we called “The Show Folder”, which still exists to this day, with news paper clippings and show guides ranging back to the heedy days of 1991.
So much was our obsession, that as soon as we knew which date the Royal Show guide was out, the countdown was on.  We would get up at 5:30 in the morning to get on our bikes, ride to the shop, and buy the paper so that we could pour over it before we got to school.

The day of the show, we would be leaving the house by 7am at the latest to get there for the opening of the gates, and we would usually stay the whole day until after the fireworks, which would be watched while eating the most delicious steak sandwich ever!

I grew disillusioned by The Royal Show and her credentials as the focus moved away from produce, animals and country life, and more towards commercialism, rides and showbags.
It’s much more fun to marvel at the cuteness of the baby animal nursery, the awesomeness of the HOLDEN precision driving team (when they were the HOLDEN precision driving team), and the 10 different types of honey that need to be tasted before you can get a stamp on your Yellow Brick Road Showbag card (and a sample of said honey!), the dog shows, and government departments (they are here to protect us y’know!), the sampling of the CWA food, and the atmosphere.
As opposed to, he look there’s a zipper, oh hey and another one, “Oh wow there’s a kid throwing up after eating a chockito, drinking an iced coffee and going on….the zipper.”

To be continued….


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