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I read the news today oh boy….

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on September 28, 2009

Polanski, the man did the wrong thing, the cities have a duty to uphold the law, let them go to trial!  If he has any remorse, and is able to prove that he has reformed and is sorry for what he did, then its up to the courts to decide how to punish him.  But why is this the biggest story today?  Honestly!?

Russia are only just getting worried about Iran?  When they’ve been blatantly parading and waving their missiles in the worlds face for the last 8 years ( 30 really)?  What the hell have Russia been looking through?  Rose coloured glasses?
At least Obama’s opening up some kind of dialogue.  Finger’s crossed for some kind of positive outcome.

Karadzic (well his defence team is) is now pushing for more time to review the charges that he is up against.  I’m currently wondering if it is too late for them to reduce them?  Might have more of a chance of pining the guy down.  Don’t need to make the same mistakes that they made with Milosevic.

The Derrion Albert video made me sick to the stomach.  An innocent 16 year old got caught in the middle of a gang fight, and is now gone.  Hard to know what to say sometimes.  I feel for his family and friends, such a senseless murder.

Just a tenth of whats going on in our world today.

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