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Zimbardo and Robertson…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on September 30, 2009

…these two men are part of the reason that I want to study both Psychology and Law.

I find Zimbaro’s findings during the Stanford University Prisoners/Guards Test incredibly intriguing.

See him talk about it here, along with Abu Graib:

I find the things he talks about incredibly amazing.

I’ve been wrestling with the thought of good and evil of late, on so very many levels.
On a local level, looking at the trial of Leigh Robinson, one side of me says, thank god he is off the street and away from harming anyone else.  On another level, I wonder if he could truly reform, I don’t think so.  I don’t think from the sounds of what he said during the trial , that he could even understand the emotional abuse he was not only putting either of those girls through, their families as well.
But could a monster reform?  Is it possible?

On a national level, I feel so Un-Australian, and horrible in relation to those people who are stuck in detention centers before they are let out into society.  It’s all such a disgusting abuse of human rights, makes me feel horrible.
Also makes me wonder what my Nanna and grandad went through when migrating to Australia after the Second World War.

On an International Level.  Where do I start?  Milosevic, Karadzic, Mugabe….the list could go on and on and on.  I could not even imagine what muist go on in these peoples minds to think that they could do what they have to so many innocent people.

Geoffrey Robertson (on Enough rope with Andrew Denton) on terrorism, basic huuman rights and civil liberties;

GEOFFREY ROBERTSON: Look, we’ve had 400 years of dealing with terrorists beginning with Guy Fawkes, who wanted to blow himself up and the houses of parliament. I think if there’s one lesson that we’ve learnt – and I’ve prosecuted terrorists, I’ve defended them, I’ve judged them – it is that in the fight against terror you do not weaken or abolish fundamental liberties because when you do so, that gives the terrorist the support and the sympathy that they need in which to breed. I mean, what is the greatest recruiting poster for al-Qaeda today throughout the Middle East? It’s the pictures from Abu Ghraib. Why did Abu Ghraib happen? “Sadists on the nightshift”, said the report. The sadists on the nightshift, Lynndie England, and the Alsatians got the cue from those men in the White House who said the Geneva Conventions are quaint, are obsolete. That sent the message. So, I think the first lesson is that we must cling to fundamental civil liberties at a time of terror in order to defeat the terrorists by preventing them getting that pool of support.

This is one of the many reasons I think doing Psych before I do law with give me better grounding when it comes to the fundamental understanding of such things.

That all being said, I’m dreading having to study Tax, Corporate and corporations Law.  Give me Crim, International Private and Public Law over thsoe any day.

Yet another TBC…


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