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The similarities are astounding…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on November 19, 2009

I tuned into Hungry Beast on Wednesday night, right on the tear jerker…

The ADF officer interview re-enactment from Afghanistan.
I’ll admit it, I cried, just as I did when reading accounts from the holocaust, and as I also do when I think of what my Nanna and Grandad had to endure goung through “labour camps” during WWII.

The thing that struck me was the descriptions of the Dutch soldiers.
The descriptions of the “kill box”, and Don’t Understand the Concept Here, are quite disturbing.
In my mind, it also reeks of Srebrenica, the “kids on school camp” mentality, a bizarre kind of chasey.  We’ll send a round or two in your direction, but once you start fighting back we’ll run away with our tails between our legs.
The UN have declared this a safe zone, but we will not follow orders and fight for those we are protecting, we will let the military walk right in and kill unarmed and innocent civilans.

It jsut send chills down my spine, and makes me feel ill.

To Be Cont…

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