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Frustrated much?

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on December 1, 2009

I’m growing even more dismayed by the media and its evil, one-eyed ways.

How hard is it to really just lay down the facts as they stand?

So I’ve found myself more and more, wandering to blogs/twitter to read about the world, and where we are.

I read the following blogs on a regular basis:

I also check the following web pages for real updates:

I even have trouble reading The Age these days, so instead I read:

Not only major division inbetween left and right, but within the left and the right.
It makes you wonder if the people fighting for the real protection of human rights, are doing for themselves, and their own looks of grandeur, or for the right reasons?
It’s incredibly frustrating to see illicitly incorrect reports, swayed one way or another, by bodies who claim to be independent.
I’ll admit, I’m a dead-set lefty, I’ll fight for the environment and human-rights.   So, now I’m starting to get interested in international law, it feeds just the right parts of my brain, and makes sense to me.  It’s still a developing part of law, there’s still a long long road to go, and the more people advocating it the better.

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