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A late Australia Day/Invasion Day post…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on January 30, 2010

I’m not sure how to start this post off…

I’m finally out of bed (yay! Sleeping Upwards of 16 hours a day for the last 2 – 3 days has not been fun! Nor have the headaches, body aches, and general lack of energy!).  The time I have spent awake, I’ve spent watching random things on you tube, old and new Degrassi, random vids of Latvia and Estonia, bits and pieces of the 2000 olympics (Opening ceremony snippits, and parts of Roy and HG’s The Dream), Andrew Denton’s interviews with Geoffrey Robertson and Helen Thomas, random tourism video’s for Australia (And Dorethea MacKellars reading of My Country, which is gorgeous)…
General random stuff, that either made me laugh, or just feel better in general.

I love my country, and for all of the bad press we have been getting over the last few months, I think we are actually quite a tolerant society.  Sure we have pockets of idiots, but everywhere does.  In every country around the world there are extremists, the ones who ruin the party for all of us.
My parents and teachers always taught me to be tolerant of other races, and also taught me that there is much to be learnt from other cultures.
I love the thought of Vindaloo Against Violence, such a fantastic concept.  I’m hoping it will fill the Indian Restaurants in Melbourne, Australia on the 24th Feb.  It’s a great cause and an even better reason to go enjoy an amazing meal!
It is one of those things that really does bring us all together.  There’s nothing I love more than a great meal (at home or at a restaurant), and great conversation.  Gives people a chance to vent, and in some cases understand more about the people that they are sitting at the table with.
I know that when I was younger I always loved the stories of indigenous culture.  Dreamtime stories always drummed up that imagination you need to love this country for what it is.  “Her Beauty and her Terror – The wide brown land for me”
It’s quite akin to the bonfire concept.  I love sitting around a fire, singing songs, watching the night go by, listening to people tell stories.

Whats my point?
To all that would sarcastically say “Happy Invasion Day”, to stray from the crowd that they dislike with a hatred.  Saying things like that is quite akin to those that incite their own form of said hatred, and incite imbecilic violence.  As much as it pains some people to admit that they live in the same country as those whose racist tendencies cost lives, and incite fear into the community as a whole, they do.  While it is fine to vent, I am more than happy to allow that, you are free to do it.  Sometimes, just sometimes, to fight the evil, you need to celebrate the amazing.  To celebrate the achievements of those who have fought for equality and freedom, stood up and said no.

Giving these people more of our time, just gives them more time to appease their egos.  It is not about celebration of our multi-cultural country, it is the degradation of the things that we should stand up for, and hold together.

That sounded a little bit politician-ish eh?

Maybe I am finally going insane…??


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