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Tired and sick of illiogical idiots..

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on February 25, 2010

Honestly people…

Yes if you post something anywhere on the internet in a public domain, where anyone can look at it, of course it could have repercussions for a trial that is to be fair to both the defendant and the family of the victim!

Firstly, how are they meant to find a jury with an unbiased viewpoint on the case?
This is very important for both sides.  So that both sides get heard with un-tainted ears and eye’s.

What happens if they can not find an un-biased jury?  (Any lawyers out there care to elaborate? As this is actually a question!)

Still trying to work out how we reverted back to the dark ages?  Put them up on a stake and burn them them?  Draw and quarter them.  You know, because summary executions are really the only way to go.  *Note the Sarcasm*

I could’nt imagine what Trinity’s family is going through at the moment, to deal with this kind of grief and loss in the media spotlight.  I couldn’t imagine how I would react, my neice is 9, and the thought of anything like this happening to her would rip my heart out (It literally just hit me, the thought is terrifying).
I also wonder what the defendant and his family must be going through.  This kid and potentially his families life has been ruined, no matter what the outcome.  Obviously if he is guilty, he is definitely deeply disturbed in some way, shape or form.

On both counts, so young and so very sad.

From Dom Knights Q&A with Geoffrey Robertson

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on February 24, 2010

I’ve read interviews over the years where you claim to be planning a move back to Australia. An anonymous source claims this was merely a hypothetical designed to appease a parochial Australian audience. Do you agree?

I return to Australia regularly. The main reason I don’t move back for good is that I’m a workaholic, and no one has offered me a full-time job. My wife goes demented – or more demented than usual – in the English winter, when she threatens to strangle a royal corgi in the hope of being transported to Botany Bay. Can you suggest any useful judging work that’s on offer – umpiring test matches, inspecting the width of bikinis on Bondi Beach, or… is the governorship of Tasmania still available?

We have positions going at Melb Law School Dr Robertson!  I’m sure there would be no problems with you coming back!  We are looking for a new Dean after all. 🙂

The Talking Cure… aahhhh!

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on February 22, 2010

I am way way way too excited about The Talking Cure!  I hope it actually does get made!!

Reasons to be excited:

1. Christoph Waltz (as Dr Freud) and Michael Fassbender(as Dr Jung) in the one Film.  Yes, this is going to be really really amazing!
I can’t wait to see Christoph’s interpretation of Freud!

2.  I used to be a Freud nerd when I was younger, so a movie about Freud, may re-ignite my obsession!

Not much else to say, but YAY.  Although my only blah thought is that Keira Knightly is in it, so I’ll have to sit through her teetering. Blah!

Nothing else to say really, but, I’M SO EXCITED!!

This picture has nothing to do with anything, it’s juts because I can!!

And another….Hot Damn…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on February 20, 2010

I’m boiling, this is ridiculous!  How I wish I was in Eastern Europe at the moment, winter winter every where!

I fell asleep for about 3 hours, now I’m wide awake again! bah!

I’m trying to remember what I’ve been wanting to write about this week, Depression and Sexual Impulse/Compulsion, my brand spankin’ new blog (currently under construction), my trip, and the fact that I am officially a student (finally!!!).  Oh and the usual law related rant…

Depression/Anxiety and the relativity of sexual desire/obsession.  When I was way way way down, deeply depressed, there were very few things that could get me motivated, one of them was going out and picking-up (or going after men I knew I had no chance with/shouldn’t. A.K.A. Using methods of avoidance, rather than dealing with what was really going on in my head).  I could never work out why I did it, as I’d feel even lower after, and couldn’t work out why my brain wouldn’t let me be happy after certain experiences.
I’ve been thinking about it in context lately, and realising that instant fleeting moment of sexual gratification is yet another method of avoidance.  So instead of staying home, sitting with how I felt, and writing, letting it out, I’d avoid it, and feel even lower after.  Learning that this is yet another pattern of avoidance (like binge-drinking), has bought some interesting clarity.  Some more to think about, it’s a nice realisation though, as I couldn’t work out a) why I kept doing it (or, more so having the intention to), and b) why I felt even worse after.
Just for the record, and to put it in context, that is strictly related to depression (well, my experience with it).
Most people use patterns of avoidance, depressed or not…
My sister for example, is notorious at avoiding doing assignments (she’ll leave it all to the last 2 weeks or so, this also goes for getting reports done!), will always find something to play with before she’ll settle.  Looking for music to listen to, buying things on the internet… etc…

The brand-spankin’-new-blog…
I had a moment last semester while I was doing QOT’s for a class at work, one of the comments caught my eye, “I wish we didn’t have to do so may Hypothetical’s”.  As I read this comment, I wondered why this person was bothering to study Law?
How else would you be able to consider the implications of law on society?
Even if not related to law exactly, the implications of how human beings interact with each other, and the products of these interactions.  One of the reasons I love going back over Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypothetical’s (Yes, this man gets a lot of mentions on my blog.  I will stop talking about him eventually), is because they bring about interesting debate on how different people view things, their actions based on these views, and the product of these action.
Although in a hypothetical situation, the products of these actions are always put in the hands of the person providing the hypothetical themselves.  More reasons why when the last GR hypo was conducted in Oz, you can hear Kim Beazley in the background loudly trying to dismantle what had just happened on stage (innocent man killed by SAS, as the incorrect intelligence information is provided.  Beasley said that it would never happen, as the SAS would confirm that the man was holding a gun and not a broomstick, as is later inferred.  But, the intelligence officer never confirmed before the shot was taken, so you can see why this is a believable outcome?  The shot was fired before confirmation, the intelligence officer should have inferred that this was part of the procedure, or the audience suspects that they shot to kill without he relevant intelligence.), but as far as I’m concerned, it is a believable outcome.
What does this have to do with the new blog?  Well, I am going o start a blog of hypotheticals and ask people to give their views on them.  Think it might be an interesting way of creating a bit of debate…
We’ll see how it develops…

My trip, ahh my trip, next year, gives me the chance to pay-off my debts, and make sure I have enough time off, so I can do most of what I would like to.  Estonia -> Latvia -> Poland -> Czeck Republic -> Austria -> Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) -> (back to) Austria (or through Croatia, not sure just yet) -> Germany -> Switzerland -> France -> Scotland -> England -> NYC -> Philly -> Washington -> Nashville -> Memphis -> Las Vegas -> Los Angeles -> Hawaii -> Melbourne.  Will all be a matter of careful planning…

I have enrolled to do 4 CAP SUBJECTS!!!! YAY!  I am officially a student at Melbourne Uni.  Will be studying 2 Criminology subjects and two International Relations subjects.  Am trying to be accepted into a Bachelor of Arts, majoring in International Relations and Psychology, with a minor sequence in Criminology.  Very excited! 🙂

Another thing I have been musing about is Woody Allen, and this quote from Kathy Lette: “Word-play is foreplay for females. How else is Woody Allen still getting laid?”  Although said quote quite bugs me now, my response would be more so a quote from the movie Dazed and Confused: “I get older, they stay the same age”…

I get to the end with the full intent of writing about the lastest in Int. Law, and then I get tired…
I need sleep, but maybe you’ll all get lucky tomorry night!