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The Good, The Bad, The Evil, The Ugly, and the Awesome…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on March 8, 2010

My confidence has been soaring in the last few weeks.  I’m feeling really comfortable in my job (finally hitting my stride and knowing exactly what I have to do!  Apart from apparently embarrassing a student with what I wore today(my top wasn’t as low cut as it seemed, but hey!?)), I’m feeling confident, calm, and I’m getting work done, and I actually love my job.  The students are lovely, the staff are great.  It’s nice to actually be able to talk to people who are experts in what they do, without them looking down on me, or making me feel stupid.  It’s so nice to have my opinion actually listened to, taken in, then an exchange of ideas rather than an “I’m right, You’re wrong” kind of answer.

So… yes I got upset with a comment made about me, and I’ve taken it on board.  Once I get my health insurance sorted, I’ll go to the dentist, but I’ve been extremely conscious of my teeth for a very very long time.  It is one things that makes me incredibly self-conscious of anything about myself.
I live with them, feel them, see them every day, and I hate smiling, so yes maybe it is time to get them fixed.
But….If people are judging me on my teeth, then I’m not sure I want to know them at all…

The evil….
I think Luke Ryan sums it up pretty well;
THE SEVENTH ESTATE begins a countdown of the world’s top (bottom?) ten worst humans: here !
I’m hoping for some surprises in the Top 5, because he’s pulled quite a few of my picks into the bottom 5…

The Ugly, is how addicted I am to awards shows!

The Awesome is that I actually get to see my hairdresser again in a week and a half! YAY!! AND That I get a full 4  days off! YEAH BABY!!!! Love my job, but I know when I need rest, and after the last 4 weeks I need rest…

Killing with love

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on March 2, 2010

So angry at the world, the structure of our legal systems, and the way people use and mis-represent their religious beliefs.