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Damn this head cold to hell…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on May 7, 2010

I’m over this.  O-V-E-R.
Okay hissy fit done.

So, in my infinite delerium, I have had some interesting dreams.  I always have really vivid and scary dreams when I’m sick, but, I had the most incredible dream.  I think it was dictated by the fact that I am craving adventure, and really want to make my way O/S finally.
Anywho, my dream consisted of firstly saying bye to family at the airport (yes there was crying, Mum made me cry, I already know that’s going to happen.  She cried when I left for Syd to drive upto Brisvegas!), then excitedly going through the gates and getting on the plane.  I fell asleep on the plane and awoke in New York.
I had a similar dream a few years ago, except my flight went down in water twice, we got on another plane both times, and I remember making it to JFK, but never made it over the bridge.
Maybe it finally is time?
I would rather 2011, over 2012 (as it will be crazy town in europe), and it just feels like the right time.  I’ll have a large amount of my debts paid off this year, then my final big debt should begone by 2012(sooner even), which will be a big load off my shoulders.

I did want to do a big Euro-America trans-world trip.  But maybe for now, it’s better to think smaller.  London, Latvia, Estonia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy.  I can go and stalk my favourite people in London then!  Woo *dreams of Mayall, Edminson, Lette, Lydon, Jones, Barat, those two insanely cute Wilkinson boys etc…* *drooool*


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