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Self Respect… or my lack thereof…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on August 23, 2010

“So after an absolutely incredible evening with the EUM (emotionally unavailable male), and reading Baggage Claim tonight, I’m angry with myself for not having enough self respect, and valuing myself enough to realise just how bad this “relationship”  is.
What I hate the most is that he IS actually a nice guy, just not to me, and that’s what is ripping my heart out at the moment.
I think the worst part at the moment is I know how angry I am, and I keep saying to myself I’m not angry at him, he laid it down on the table, I accepted the terms, I have to live with that.  But do I really?  How about I walk away with the respect I deserve?  I’m of ten minds about this, which means I don’t deserve to get hurt, and it’s time to walk away even though it’s going to hurt and I really don’t want to…”

I wrote the above about 3 months ago…  A few days after I saw the EUM the very last time…

It took me a few months, I’m not completely over it, but I’m getting there…

Hoping there’s other fish out in the sea, cause I haven’t met anyone stimulating in a really long time…

Bring on a) a new job and b) September…

Some thoughts (unenthused political rant within)…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on August 16, 2010

I’m frustrated at the moment, and now wide awake in the midst of my frustration.

…and no it has nothing to do with tonights (last nights) episode of #qanda, I didn’t watch it.  There’s seemingly no use in the age of technological enlightenment.  I can get play by plays on twitter without even having to switch the television on.

I’m frustrated with my lack of enthusiasm for this election, last election I was in heaven.  I was so excited about the prospect of this thoughtful, intelligent, and slightly nerdy looking man becoming our new leader (and his smart, strong wife beside him!).
So maybe I’m a little put out with his ousting, I was not at all excited about Julia G becoming our first female prime minister the way she did.
I was in Brisbane on election night 07, I cried as the election was called for Rudd (and also when he made his victory speech), but then again, I had buried a family member that day, so tears had been flowing all day.
I really like Rudd, I think he is a man of great integrity, and also a man who had(has) our best interests as a country at heart.
This election has been boring, not trashy enough, and the thought that this time next week we could be looking at Tony Abbott as Prime Minister, my stomach turns.  Bye bye Q and A, bye bye any kind of thought provoking satire…

Its the policies that are being contested in this election that are making me angry and ill.
The policies are tedious and inconsequential, they do nothing to better this country, if anything they make us look like uneducated hacks.
The policies of a “Sustainable Australia”, “Keep the boats out”, etc etc etc…
These policies are not what our nation was built on.  I’m confused that Julia Gillard can stand by a choir who sing the second verse to Advance Australia Fair; “For those who’ve come across the seas, we’ve boundless plains to share” in particular, while promoting a “Sustainable Australia”.

Maybe I’m taking this all too personally.  Not something I can help, come to think of it.
My Dad’s side of the family are of English and Scottish origin (which I need to investigate more thoroughly), my Mum’s side are Estonian and Latvian (which I’ve talked about at length on the blog previously).  Things I haven’t said anything about, my uncle was born overseas, my mother was born in an Immigration Holding camp in QLD.  I’m guessing the conditions were not fantastic, but considering what Nanna and Granddad had been though before residing in Australia, it may have been more comfortable.
Nanna didn’t love it here, she longed for home, the place that the was snatched from her in her late teens.  Once they had settled in Australia, she stayed, and looked after her family.  They integrated into Australian life (with a strong eastern European flavour of course!), and were laid to rest here too.

I just don’t see how we can, or have the right to treat people who are genuine asylum seekers like trash.
I agree, they must integrate, but we also must give them the space they need to live the way they would like, while being given the chances that all Australians deserve.  The right to a good eduction, the right to believe and think what they want, and the right to practice their beliefs as they would like.  Now I understand if their beliefs are impinging on the rights of another, or other human beings, then they must be treated the same way that any other person who breaks our laws is treated.  I just don’t believe they should be made to feel strange for wearing an article of clothing, or looking different.  They never banned body piercings or tattoos at the height of their rage, did they?

I’m wondering where this is all heading.  I’m not sure I want either leader heading our government.  I wish for the days of Rudd again, at least then we’d see a strong fight.

Too much wet newspaper, not enough anger and passion.

All that being said, I know It’ll be a very interesting night watching election coverage and Don’s Party (someone better play it, its an election day institution!)… Save Our Souls….