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Self Respect… or my lack thereof…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on August 23, 2010

“So after an absolutely incredible evening with the EUM (emotionally unavailable male), and reading Baggage Claim tonight, I’m angry with myself for not having enough self respect, and valuing myself enough to realise just how bad this “relationship”  is.
What I hate the most is that he IS actually a nice guy, just not to me, and that’s what is ripping my heart out at the moment.
I think the worst part at the moment is I know how angry I am, and I keep saying to myself I’m not angry at him, he laid it down on the table, I accepted the terms, I have to live with that.  But do I really?  How about I walk away with the respect I deserve?  I’m of ten minds about this, which means I don’t deserve to get hurt, and it’s time to walk away even though it’s going to hurt and I really don’t want to…”

I wrote the above about 3 months ago…  A few days after I saw the EUM the very last time…

It took me a few months, I’m not completely over it, but I’m getting there…

Hoping there’s other fish out in the sea, cause I haven’t met anyone stimulating in a really long time…

Bring on a) a new job and b) September…


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