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The Evolution of MY Online Social Network…

Posted in Uncategorized by Ambs on November 2, 2010

So it’s safe to say I’ve grown up in an online world.
When I was younger, it was an infantile industry, with movies like War Games, Electric Dreams, and Tron having us hoping, wishing and praying we could one day interact with computers, or even better another person in real-time via computer.

My first interaction with a computer of any kind was an old Commodore 64 that my parents bought home from America in 1983 (it was quite a few years after that, that I used to sit and play on it for hours on end), I was (and still am) a sucker for what is now known as interactive fiction (choose your own adventure, for those more book inclined), Zork was my downfall, and also had addictions to a variety of sports based games(Summer Games, Winter Games, California Games) in which we ended up breaking the joystick and keyboard as we were playing too hard (oops).

Then years and years after this, my family bought our first PC (I’m omitting the various kinds of Nintendo’s we had up until that time)… I vaguely remember playing the ill-fated Zork Nemesis on it, before losing interest.

After that, for quite awhile, my attention to computers was solely based on when I had to use them, school, okay… so not much other than school.

Then there are three defining nerdy moments in my life (maybe four).

The first is the first time I ever used the internet.  I for all senses and purposes of explaining this, I was and still am a geek/nerd, and not in a cool way.  I was just a strange kid (spent my afternoons in the local library, as opposed to playing outside), and now I’m an obviously awkward and equally as strange adult (How did that happen again? The adult part I mean, the awkward and strange part was a given.).
I digress, reiterating the nerd part, my first interaction with the internet was at my local library.  When I asked the Librarian what “the internet” was.  She sat me down at a computer, bought up “Netscape” (that was a web page browser back in my day), and she typed in what she described to me as a “web page address” for this thing called a “search engine”.  This search engine was called Altavista (I think?), she then told me to search for anything on any topic that came to mind…  I’m not sure why but I typed in “Star Trek”, and it came up with a list of “links” to “webpages”. I looked at one (which had stars for the back ground and the Star Trek logo, then one long diatribe about how and why Star Trek is amazing. This was also before the advent of .gifs, so you can imagine how pre-historic it was), then promptly decided I was bored…

Quite awhile after my first encounter with “the internet”, I decided to give it another try, this time by typing something very different into the “search engine”, “The Late Show D-Generation”.  The first two results, were the ones which caught my eye, one was run by two girls who had posted up the transcripts from various D-Gen and Late Show Sketches they loved, and also if I remember correctly, they had also scanned (yes we had scanners by this stage) and posted up letters they used to send each other in class, which were mostly based around how gorgeous Santo Cilauro (Snato Guilro for those in the know) was, and yeah, we’ll leave that there.  The other page was much the same, except it may have had a guestbook, so it meant that people were able to interact with each other.
This obsession evolved, and I discovered I could search for actors, and bands that I loved.
I had my own web page for awhile, which focussed on anything that caught my eye at the time; Leonardo Dicaprio, The Royal Melbourne Show, Bands I loved, and finally that little web page was laid to rest as a tribute to my ever adoring love for “The Living End” in 1999.  If you want to try and find it…

This obsession with looking up things I loved evolved into talking to people about things I loved (and as was my real life social anxiety, doing it online was easier).  Way way back when, it started with mIRC, and chatting to random people on the DALnet server, in the #melbourne chatroom.  I never met any of the people I chatted to on there.
After this I had a friend from school, who I discovered used to chat with people she worked with at the local Supermarket (and conveniently we both had a crush on one of the boys that she worked with (but wasn’t part of that little chat group), she won that one, by having sex with him years later at a music festival.  I was shattered.), so I knew her, but never met any of the boys she worked with.
The other logical step was message boards, which have figured largely in my life, from bands, to music websites, to what ever tickled my fancy at the time.
I’ve fought passionately on message boards, I’ve laid my heart out on blogs.  One of the best feelings ever (and I know how sad this sounds) is to have someone wholeheartedly agree with you, or to win a message board fire-fight (again sad but hey?)…
This all also became an outlet to get to know various people, and to chat live on ICQ.  I have friends I’ve known from message boards since I was 16, that I still love and adore, and first started chating to on ICQ with those first formidable characters… a/s/l?

After that point, our online lives started to amalgamate… I’ll give you MY Social Networking time-line, as at after becoming a message board and ICQ junkie…

Diaryland – This was the first version of Live-Jornal, you could blog, and read other peoples blogs…
Live-Journal –  An advanced version of Diary Land, now you could add emotions, add friends, and check what people were up-to everyday…
My Space – You could leave short snippets of what you were thinking, add your fav bands, blog, and write on your friends walls, all in one convenient location.  Oh and also ensure your My Space page reflected exactly who you were in digital form…
Facebook – Well, if you don’t know how facebook works, then why are you reading this?
Twitter – 140 characters of short note goodness… This is more a news service for me, rather than anything else…

Where will we be tomorrow, who knows?


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