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Posted in Film, Television by Ambs on December 31, 2010

Dear Film/TV directors, producers etc…,

If you’re going to film in my hometown (or anywhere I know the streets like the back of my hand for that matter) please ensure you check your continuity before putting said TV show to air or releasing said film…

I know I’m probably being finicky, but it really bugs me when I’m watching something like “Offspring” and a character walks out of the Freemason’s in East Melbourne then is on Brunswick street about 2 minutes later (trust me I know, I’ve done the walk from Gipps St to Brunswick St plenty of times.  It isn’t a 2 minute walk). Oh and please don’t refer to the flower shop on Brunswick St as the flower shop on Alexandra Pde.  Two completely different streets…

Or the worst offender ever The Big Steal (and this is big coming from me, as this is one of my all time fav Aussie movies), when Steve Bisley’s character Gordon Farkas is being followed by the Police after a big night on the turps, he turns off the Top end of Swanston Street (near Flinders St Station), to mysteriously park on Cavell St in St Kilda.  That kinda stuff really annoys me!

Please be true to this beautiful city of mine, as every square inch of her needs to be respected.

Kind Regards

Amber G

P.S. As a side note please have passion, please have a look at my blog After the deluge… for my definition of passion.


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  1. Dermott Banana said, on January 14, 2011 at 9:30 pm

    This annoyed me when I saw ’48 Shades’ a few years ago, set in Brisbane where I lived at the time. And I’ve heard from friends overseas, ‘geographic non-continuity’ causes much mirth (The Bill is supposedly notorious for it, and the West Wing was too).
    But after a while, I thought about it and realised it probably goes on in other TV/movies and we don’t care because we don’t have the local knowledge. So I figured we have to sit back, and enjoy the view without getting hung up on it.

  2. Tim Chuma said, on May 10, 2012 at 12:58 am

    Also Jackie Chan’s “Mr Nice Guy” where he runs around Melbourne Central and somehow exits the Capitol Theatre arcade, managing to go through the Discount Student Bookshop window and catch a tram. They did a lot of filming on location for that one, wish I could have seen it.

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